Check out Yelp.com for many of our customer's reviews. Here are just a few testimonials from some of our many satisfied clients:

"Five stars all the way! Handle with Care Moving gets it done! The best part is they are so personable and conscientious when moving can feel disorganized and stressful, these guys put you at ease on move day."

"We used Handle with Care for two moves this year. I have to say we were pretty organized when they arrived each time - most everything boxed and labeled and furniture ready to go. These guys just go at it. For moving a residence I highly recommend 3 movers, it's worth the few extra dollars in the end. This way 2 guys are in the house getting everything down to the truck where the 3rd guy is waiting to receive everything and safely arrange it on the truck and when you get to your destination, it works the same way."

Mountain View, CA
5.0 star rating

"I did a ton of research when I chose a professional moving company for the first time, and I picked Handle With Care because they are licensed, reliable, prompt, friendly professionals. This company is by the book and top notch.  I wouldn't hesitate to use them again or recommend them to anyone."

Emily W.
Sacramento, CA
5.0 star rating

"Mike and his Team are amazing and efficient.  They moved my home in 3.0 hours, without breaking or scratching a thing.  I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone."

Brenda M.
Los Gatos, CA
5.0 star rating

"I've used a few different moving companies in my time and I have to say that Handle with Care movers is by far the best.  My situation was unique in that I was in the middle of constructing a new home and was ONLY allowed to move my entire 2 bedroom apartment into my small 1 car garage (mandated by the city).  Mike and his crew came out and did a FANTASTIC job.  Not only were they extra cautious with all my items, they were able to safely fit my entire apartment into the garage leaving pathways for the city inspectors when it came time for the final. AMAZING!  A few great things about HWC movers:"

"Mike came out to look at my apartment perfectly on time both when giving me a quote and during the move."

"An extremely important trait for movers.  I have a near 20 year old upright Piano that I bring everywhere with me.  I conveyed how important it was that this was moved right.  Went into my new place without a hitch and it still sounds beautiful!"

"Mike really tries to save you money on the move.  He came out to my apartment to look at all my stuff and told me about some ways I might be able to save money.  He even mentioned before the job started that a tip wasn't necessary unless I really felt he did a good job.  You can deduct from this review that of course I tipped him."

"There is a reason these guys are rated so highly, I absolutely would use again!"

Prakash C.
Mountain View, CA
5.0 star rating

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